Infinities’ value

Infinities’ value

An Infinite number (yes plural) is simply one that, no matter how far you calculate it, does not reach a conclusion or a unit integer (such as the 1 in 471).
This means there are endless infinite numbers, or more accurately the word “infinite” is an adjective that can be used to describe numbers. That’s right, there are exactly 10 to the power of [(an infinite number of 9’s) – 1] possible infinite numbers; or 10 to power [∞].

“Infinities” as a logical mathematical term has all answers that are unable to be thought of. E.g. 1 is not infinite, neither is 2193187. Therefore infinite holds all answers apart from actual values. Similar to X*0=0 all answers for X work, as anything times zero is zero.

This also means there is one of infinite correct ways to answer a question about logic.


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