New Ideas

Hey there!

Chances are you got redirected here because you wanted to know how to get your idea into Infactual as a topic. You can also become a contributor so you can just cue an idea and we’ll let it post. Until we know a person can be fully trusted, they will use that method. Another way, without contacting a moderator to approve your contributor status is this:
Comment here on this post and use this sort of form:

  • What category it falls under (maths, social, fundamental etc.)
  • What the basic idea is (one sentence usually)
  • Why
  • What evidence you have for it (if there is none don’t worry too much)
  • If you want to be attributed to that version of it, say so

For example.

.Category -> defining
.The idea is that “infinite” has more than one value, or rather it is impossible to measure. It’s that because of this there is only one of infinite universe logic fact for each topic.
.As it is a base issue for other ideas
.Evidence is logic and mathematics
.No attribution


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