Welcome to Infactual

Welcome to Infactual!

This is a blog made for a very specific purpose, and that is to form and build upon ideas and theories that are related to not only fundamental issues to do with philosophy, meta-physics and other areas, but also social issues such as education and government, ethics and etc.

We see this blog as a community, of people who are interested in the world or in the workings of the universe, of people who are not afraid to be proven wrong, and do so elegantly, who build on all that has passed before them to improve not only our understanding of the things we discuss, but also to better the world for these things. Ultimately, this community has a point to prove to the world, or… several thousand hopefully.

The basic idea of the blog is that I will post an idea/theory that I either thought of personally or got from a person’s comment. I’ll post this in the form it appears and others can change it if they see anything that they can prove to be wrong. Also, yes I will try to be as objective as humanly possible, and being transparent I’m sure someone will point out that I am being biased if that is the case. I have my own ways and my own reputation to keep. Note I will appoint co-authors of the blog so that changes can be made more often, but only after I can make out who will fit that job.


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