Elimination by logic loop paradox

Logic Loop Paradoxes

Firstly you have to understand why I call it a logic loop paradox instead of an ordinary one. The term logic loop paradox, as you can see, is made up of three words. Let’s deconstruct it.

Logic – Something that can only be one thing, if A is B, then A can’t not be B.
Loop – Something that alternates on ends, that “goes in circles”; Infinite loop.
Paradox – Something with two parts, that at first seems to contradict, but upon further viewing does not*.

*In this case, the italics are the part to ignore as we are talking about Logic paradoxes, not literary ones.

The type of paradox we’re talking about here is the kind that loops infinitely because it causes the other thing to be defined by the other, and vice versa.

And an example: “I am a liar” (with context that all liars must always lie, others always tell the truth).
I would recommend trying** to find an answer to this if you want to understand what this concept actually is.

The actual theory

Since these things can’t actually exist, we have to assume that anything that creates one is also not the answer.
This can narrow down the search for the answer to things by eliminating possibilities.


**There isn’t an answer, all possibilities create paradoxes. (apart from “the context is incorrect”)