Definition of something by itself

It is inaccurate or impossible to define something by itself.

The idea

It is not accurate to define something or quantify it without other sources. For example defining the word five by saying its value is 5.

This means that when defining the universe (such as the beginning of time) by using logic contained by the universe, there is no way of telling if that is correct or not. This is because the universe governs logic.

揣Needs Logic and further explanation.


Beginning of Time

There is no beginning to the universe, only constant existence with no start or end point.

Previous Argument

Some have said, (the evident majority) that time at one stage, started. The logic that follows is that anything that exists has been formed in some way in the past.

Present Argument

Humans can only imagine that which either lies in their memory or in genetics. Logic is something contained in memory (seen from the existence surrounding the person and from human base traits). Thus an understanding of something “always” existing is impossible to humans, and can only be labeled as infinite or other.

Reason one.
For something to exist it has to come from something else: there is no creation in the universe but rather modification.
This is a rather weak statement in logic, but as observed and by meta we can determine that it is very unlikely that it is untrue.

Reason two.
Something such as a “beginning” relies on relativity – time. Thus a beginning of time can’t exist as the method for beginnings to exist relies upon time.
“The ball in the box created it when the box contained it” as a metaphor to explain it badly.

Thus something starting without time is impossible, thus time being “started” is also impossible as it would require time.