Fundamental Concepts

The fundamental concepts of existence

This section is about the fundamental ideas in place that most other things work off.

Since you are your mind, and your mind can be affected by the environment and mentality, along with mental illness; you can’t really know if you are in fact correct in your thoughts or observations. The only real way you can narrow down if you’re correct is to confer with the world, as it is much larger and a larger more spread out connection is more reliable. You can, will, and will remain able to be wrong about absolutely anything.

There is no actual way to get to the “end” of a problem, only narrow down the search or come up with the most likely solution. Just the same as there is no way to get to the end of infinity. This doesn’t mean you can never be right, just that you can never be sure you’re right.

A universe is just a containment of laws that govern what is contained in that space. E.G. The internet is an open universe, it contains information that is contained as a type. With an existential universe, (universe of existence) this is different as no information of any kind, matter etc. can be displaced. It is in other words “a closed system”. ‘Universes’ vary in logic as well as physical make, not that we as humans of one universe can be sure of this. This means that it is possible in another universe that the arithmetic of 1 + 1 =/= 2 and instead another number’s meaning.

Possibility, (like represented in ONE) is like infinity, as there are infinite to the power of infinite (despite infinite numbers being undefined) possibilities in any context. Only one of these can be correct. It’s like having if x>1 or x<1. You could have picked 1.0000001 and because it’s not actually 1.0, you lost.

A number is based on it’s use, not it’s word. If you replace 2 with X and 3 with Y, then Y+X=5. In other words, it doesn’t matter what you call something, only what it is.

An actual paradox can’t exist in reality. Therefore anything that creates one is not the answer to a particular problem.



The only known logic impossibilities thought of to date are:

1: entering, changing, viewing or imagining another universe or knowing if this is possible
2: giving an answer to an improper mathematical calculation (1+1=3, 1 divided by 0 etc.)
3: reaching the “end” of a series or infinite number


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