How do I get my ideas into Infactual?

For a start, you can simply comment on the New Ideas post. Otherwise you can become a contributor by contacting me.

How do I contact people?

There’s some information on contacts here under “contact information”.

What’s allowed here?

Anything that complies with the WordPress TOS and does not break any Australian laws, and is an issue that is non-temporal, meaning that in one hundred years it will be relevant to human society.

What about opinion?

Technically no human can be completely free of opinion or bias. This being said, all changes you want to make to an idea must have some kind of supporting (overriding) evidence (not facts, but logic), otherwise it’s just someone’s thoughts on it – and if we did things this way we would get nowhere for the difference in opinion.

What do I change about an idea?

Anything, although I discourage revisiting old changes, after all we neither want to stay still or go in circles. As always though, regardless of the change, if it has actual evidence it will be used in the idea.

What kind of changes do we look for?

Evidence and logic. No, not proof, that’s a different word entirely, the difference being that “proof” is conclusive and usually very contained and open to bias. By logic I mean statements that can only be true due to other influences. Severe lack of chance is also allowed if clearly stated so.

What sort of people do we look for?

We want people to be:

  • Mature and respectful to others
  • Objective in their possible spirituality
  • Able to research and in the right places
  • Able to handle being wrong and being told so (politely)
  • Able to fully understand their own topic
  • Logical; able to see the reason why things are

I realize that everyone forcing themselves to fit one profile is absurd, especially if that profile is made by one person. This is just how I personally feel the most progress can be made. If you can add to this or change anything please let me know.

Why does this blog exist?

Well, that’s simple. Since the time we have been able to, humans have been stuck in their ways far too much. We have taken things to be as they are told, and are not expected to understand but instead to remember or trust, what we’ve been told. This can (possibly and regularly) lead to less innovation, or a generally less “intelligent” population; not being able to explain the world means that life in it is more blind. Many events in history have only happened because of a breaking through of the want to stay the same. Take “the world is flat” and “the sun rotates around the Earth” as examples of things that have been disproved this way. Yes it also depends on technology, but logic does not. Since this is a blog about logic… You get the point, surely.

If I have a question that is not in this list…

Contact us, we’ll answer it!


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